Friday, September 05, 2008

Some predictions

I knew we would get to see this headline, sooner or later

"Indian American whiz kid behind Google browser"

Based on that moment of clairvoyance, heres few columns/headlines that you can expect, especially now that the Olympic gold medal question has bitten the dust:

  • Why cant a billion Indians build a browser?
  • Why is there no Infosys, Wipro or TCS browser?
  • Why cant they all combine and produce an "Indian" browser?


Kavi said...

Ok ! Ok !

Swalpa adjust maadi ! We are like that only !

Sigh !

Rajiv Mathew said...

Hahahah! :)

Savitha Rao said...


Deep Kanwar said...

It's not about the adjustments we make, its about the level of risks that we(Indian IT companies) can take to move up the ladder of product business. Servicing is a low risk business if you compare it with product business. And Indian IT Companies are more than happy to eat the low hanging fruits.
And products like Chrome won't come out from big Indian IT companies but rather from startups, hobbies...

Anonymous said...

Well, is there a need to? We've got good enough browsers and better ones versions coming out all the time. Will having an 'Indian' browser make much of a difference? (It's not a rhetorical question)

Anyways, to add fuel to the fire, there is a chinese developed browser called as Maxthon that is definitely good. Damn, they are beginning to beat us in software too!! :D