Thursday, September 11, 2008

VIP rules

All over India, we continue to have special rules for VIPs. VIPs can really be Very Important People, or just a laundry list of people who know VIPs who know VIPs who know VIPs and a list of people who know them. The definition of a VIP can vary. 

You go to Tirupati, VIPs get to see god faster without having to wait. You drive on the roads, VIPs get to go faster, because they have no time (or respect) for signals. VIPs, in general get more security since their lives are more valuable - the others can suffer a bomb or two under their seats.

Heres one in TN on bathing in a pristine waterfall

People in positions of authority or perceived authority often expect to be treated differently than the hoi polloi. Similarly, people who are rich (or richer) or know somebody expect no rules for them. This is the problem that we face. Everybody wants to become somebody so that they do not have to follow rules or wait for those who follow rules. 

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