Thursday, October 30, 2008

Assorted links 1

Kerala is slowly going to be in the terror trap, if it already isnt. The current theme seems to be to blame everybody else. Don't blame those who are funding these idiots by the droves. Pull wool over yours and everybody elses eyes, bury your head in sand, live in denial. Wring your hands, but "Gods own country" is rapidly going to the dogs. Tourism, terrorism make for a very potent cocktail.

I don't believe this news that Chandrayaan is inspiring scientists to come back, though I have seen variations of this in many places. What takes the cake is the headline. The detail below the headline actually tells nothing of that sort :). Chandrayaan can send something to the moon, perhaps even people at a later date, but can it get scientists back to India? Perhaps not. The slowdown could, though. Did they go because they were disgusted that India could not send a probe to the moon? Unlikely.

A footnote in LICs insurance policy on terrorism is being used as a selling point. Sad reflection of our times, please note Mr. Home Minister. What if a suicide bomber buys a life insurance policy, will he be eligible?

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