Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Battling inertia

Why cant the railways get the airconditioning formula right based on occupancy, temperature outside and temperature inside? It is either too hot or too cold regardless of whether it is summer or winder. The aircon vents can barely be "directed" and people who sleep on the lower berths have no way of controlling the temperature even remotely. Even buses have individual AC vents. Is it so difficult in trains?

While on trains, is it so difficult to give an update in the train itself as to how the train is doing as per its schedule? Atleast in one or two places? Why can "management expert mantri" not think of it?

Do prominent sites like TOI, Indian Express still need irritating pop up ads that exhort you to download a screensaver or tell you that you have won a laptop? The reputation of these sites is pretty solid and they make decent money. Do they still need popups? Just because they outsourced the website project to some chappie who projected revenue from the site, does it mean they include popups? Why not think different?


ggop said...

Thank you for ranting against those stupid pop up ads.

The same crowd which comes up with such barf worthy design must be executing good websites for overseas clients. Why should local Indian websites be so "jhataak" for want of a better word?

Nikhil Narayanan said...

Pop ups like "You are the 10000 visitor and have won 100 Bonds issued by Iceland"!

Too much, and has been there since ages.
As you said, inertia is the word.


Neelakantan said...

Thanks, perhaps I should make it into a larger post since it has stirred so much :)