Friday, October 24, 2008

The IT industry has suicidal tendencies

would have made for a better headline than "Indias tech capital is stressed out" but then, hyperbole sells.

A source from the HR department of IBM said that pressure on the employee cannot be avoided as “all the foreign projects have tight deadlines and in order to achieve this the companies exert high pressure.” They also said that “every company had special programmes to ease the pressure, which sometimes did not work.” Sheetal said that most youth become quickly depressed as their family structure has been de-prioritised. The high expectations from their parents coupled with the lack of an adequate social life also contribute to the rising suicide rates, adds Sheetal.

Ho hum...Is the cause only work? Then we are an amazingly uni-dimensional society. 

Another one on hyperbole: IT execs marriages on hold

Did nobody show them this news report from their own site? No job cuts in Indian IT

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Kavi said...

HR departments seem to have insights that are deep !

And if software professionals' marriages are on hold, i wonder what happens to investment bankers. Well, i guess this comment doesnt work for the HCL employee. he anyway is supposed to score far better than i bankers !