Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Kerala and Flat world

Either Frederick Forsyth has some prescience or India has an excess of blinkers. A terrorist or wannabe terrorist from Kerala gets caught in Kashmir. Yes, while we shout about national integration, another group wants national disintegration.

Heres an interview with Tom Friedman on the "Flat World"

The flat world is a friend of Infosys and of Al-Qaeda. It's a friend of IBM and of Islamic jihad. Because these networks go both ways. And one thing we know about the bad guys: They're early adopters. Criminals, terrorists – very early adopters. The person who understands supply chains almost as well as Sam Walton, is Osama Bin Laden. We have an issue there with the most frustrated and dangerous elements of the world using this flat planet in order to advance their goals, to recruit over the internet, to inspire over the internet, and to transfer orders and raise money over the internet. So they're using the flat world as much as anybody else.

Lets all quickly bury our heads in sand and create the latest state in India - Denial.


NC said...

Its shocking that the terror network runs deep and finds itself in the midst of societies and communities earlier considered inaccessible to these elements.

Fanaticism could destroy all the gains of modern times.

Kavi said...

Denial is the latest state. And sometimes has nationalism for its flag !

Neelakantan said...

But it was true :)