Monday, October 06, 2008

Meanwhile in Mumbai

...there is a big fight on.

No, not the MNS and the Shiv Sena, but between Goli and Jumboking. Both are standardized offerings of Mumbais favourite street food - vada pav. Goli and Jumbo king have spiced it.

There is a burger like avatar available too - with circular buns instead of the rectangular pavs and the vadas more burger patty like than spherical. The restaurants look neat and snazzy with uniformed workers, standard decor and vada pav comes wrapped in paper, a la McD. Want the garlic chutney and fried chilli without which no self respecting vada pav can exist, sure. If they have learned this from Big Mac, they have learnt it well and at price points of 6 and 7 rupees and above, they make McDs stuff, appear, well, pricey.

Who says you cant get prices down and give better service. I tried both and quite liked it - the vada tastes like vada, not some piece of rubber like burger patties often are. Jumboking has jazzed up the old vadapav in many flavours. Care for a cholle vadapav or a Schezwan Vadapav - I might try it sometime.

Now, how will the original vada pav vendors react to it?

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