Sunday, October 05, 2008

Mobile care

I have not been a great fan of the way customer service centers in India operate for mobile phones. Everybody is keen to just sell the phones without thinking that they would need to be serviced. Nokia seems to have done something about it.

But the way they have done it, reminds me of a sarkari bank. You stand in one queue take a token, fill out a form, wait for your turn and then they give you a time, you call up, ask if they are done etc. etc. Overall, a totally old world experience from a new world firm.

To their credit, they accept cellphones purchased anywhere in the country within the guarantee period. And if you purchased a high end, relax, they have a separate counter for some of them too.

I wish they came up with a smarter way to service...

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Kavi said...

I am glad they have one !! Often times we are left with a product that tranistions from 'appealing' to the disgraceful as it moves from the store to my hand !!

But yes, am sure they can do something about their service. FOr all the hiring that they do, they sure can !