Sunday, October 26, 2008

A new shirting retail model

Zerostock retail, a name that took me by surprise when I saw it recently. Even more surprising was reading about them online. Interesting business model that attempts to reduce the cost of carry at multiple locations. And provide customers the benefit of the same.

Their shops are not large - they dont need to be- but spacious and uncluttered. Obviously, because they dont stock shirts or trousers. They have samples and trials that you can try and pick you size. And it is a good idea because when you go to a regular store, a design that is available in 42 may not be available in 40 and so on. And it takes a while of searching before it is available sometimes. Also, in general mens shirting and trousers are conservative. Yes, there are dress shirts and party wear, but for regular business wear, there is only so much you can do. So, it is really a step away from ordering online.

Good ideas also demand good execution. When I went some of the designs I chose were not available - presumably because instead of distributing the stock, they have stock at a central warehouse, so it is not exactly custom made. So, they need to get this right because customers who walk into a store that promises multiple sizes expect availabilty in all sizes.

Two other things. One, sometimes it is tough to figure out how a shirt will turn out once we look at a 2.5 by 2.5 inch swath of fabric. My guess is that the shirts that are hung on display are the maximum designs that get sold.

Two, there is no instant gratification. The shirt or trouser you ordered reaches you after a day or two. Both these are big mindsets that the company needs to break.

But a new idea ought to be encouraged. More power to ideas...

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purple pitara said...

i think it's pretty cool for an idea though it does mean changing the final feeling that the customer walks out of a store with. But one thing they should most definitely do is have more than one trial room!