Tuesday, October 14, 2008

A Secular Protocol

Read this piece by Tarun Vijay in the TOI

What struck me, was this:

Like history can't be understood through secondary or tertiary sources, original references have to be consulted, watershed incidents in a nation's life have to be analysed through original events. Hence after Meenakshipuram, the forced exodus of Kashmiri Hindus, Godhra and Kandhmal murders, its now the turn of Bodo Hindus in Assam to face Muslim attacks. 

So far 40 Hindus have been reported killed and 76,000 people have left their villages out of fear and taken refuge in 32 state government camps in Udalguri and Darrang. Twelve villages have been burnt. In Jhakuapara village the gaon budhaa (village head) was burnt alive along with his mother and sister. It all began after local Hindus resisted the forcible occupation of their lands by Muslims. The area has suddenly seen Bodo Hindus reduced to a minority and a spurt in the activities of the All Assam Minority Students Union (AMSU), SIMI, All Assam Muslim Chatra Parishad and Muslim Students Association (MUSA). Now, having burnt Hindu villages and forced them to flee, Muslims are occupying the villages vacated by Hindus. 

I trawled through every single MSM site (all credit to TOI to print this piece) and I did not find anything like this. However, a local site, Assam Tribune has a different version than the MSM and I am inclined to believe it because MSM is ruled by leftist hacks.  See Here, here.

So is the MSM misleading us? They did not do so here, then why here?

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