Friday, October 03, 2008

Security and railways

On the current journey from Bangalore to Mumbai, I saw an unprecedented level of security at Bangalore city railway station. Metal detectors at entry with CRPF (?) guys with guns guarding it. They have a separate hand held scanner. Plus there were teams of police men swarming the place with metal detectors. A sniffer dog went through atleast the AC coaches and scanned the platform atleast once. Quite amazing for a place where till now I have not seen anything beyond sleepy policemen. Not sure if this is regular in these days of Karnataka being in the news for all the terror modules or if the police were there on a tip off or something. But overall, it was quite impressive.

But, the friend who got in from the Cantonment station said, there was no security at the station at all. That was really scary - even though most trains have RPF personnel on board and they ensure that doors are closed and shutters downed at night, there is scope for a fair amount of improvement.

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Kavi said...

Seen in one station. Absent in the other !!

That is one of our trademarks ! Inconsistencies galore.