Thursday, October 30, 2008

Terrible Columnist

Why are some columnists terrible? Here is one, peddling tripe after tripe.

"The state-run banks that were seen as sleepy, bureaucratic and prehistoric are the ones that the newer entrants might model to get service right " was the opening line yesterday. To write this in 2008 would require an enormous vacuum in your knowledge. Now let us see. Sleepy bureaucratic bank would be the nationalised ones - no prizes for guessing. The newer entrants would be the Citibanks, ICICIBanks, HDFC banks, right. Now out of those ICICI was founded in 1994 (14 years ago), HDFC Bank (ditto) as part of RBIs liberalisation initiative in 1994. Citi has been around in India longer than that. The newest bank which entered recently was perhaps Kotak Mahindra bank (2003) and perhaps Yes Bank (the only greenfield bank licensee in 14 odd years). But anyway, thats a trivial amount of detail to bother with when you have already made up your mind.

Previously, the columnist had commented on lack of innovation in pretzels and expressways India while eating at the nearby 5 star continental Dhaba which had not changed its menu since the English left.

This is what happens when you are paradropped into India because of the experience of having been born here and asked to be a reporter.

Read blogs people, they are far more authentic...


Savitha Rao said...

:) These days there's a lot of questionable content in the print and television media. Somehow the fact that something is being broadcast or printed seems to give it a measure of self-assumed legitimacy .

Neelakantan said...

Which is why the internet is so good - if you know where to go though :)