Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Whereis Assam?

Is it burning? See this report from ET - whose reports on politics are quite refreshing. They ask the questions that a lot of regular reporting does not ask and does not want you to ask.

The death toll in communal violence in Assam touched 40. Over 1 lakh people shifted to relief camps. However, the Centre does not seem to have any complaints as far as the state government’s response is concerned.

The Union home ministry is in touch with the state government on a regular basis but does not yet feel the need for any advisory or written communication to Assam chief secretary seeking ‘concrete steps’ as in the case of Orissa and Karnataka.

On a related note, Times Now seems to be "different" from the "other" channels. Which is a smart move from a marketing perspective considering the nauseating coverage of the other channels with each channel sounding exactly like the other.


manoj said...

true , the times channel is one of the best amongst the worst .. it beats how a TOI offspring can take the title...maybe due to the fact that its not listed in any stock exchanges gives legroom to the promoters to be clean and sober as compared to otehrs lije ndtv, aaktak, cnn ibn and all

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