Friday, October 24, 2008

Why join the police?

Tarun Vijay in the TOI. I am glad, as I have said before, that the TOI gives space to people like him - shunned by the media because he is "right wing" and therefore unlike "the "rest".  Incidentally his columns get an amazing number comments in the TOI.

21st October was National Police Memorial Day. 
Did you hear about it anywhere or read any news article or discussion on it? 
It’s celebrated in memory of those police personnel who laid down their lives on this day in 1959 when Chinese soldiers suddenly attacked Ladakh. 

I had no idea that 21st Oct was National Police Memorial day. 

This year, 685 policemen have died while performing duties. All in vain? Faltoo ke log ? ...

To date, we do not have a single government website giving details about its martyrs from the armed forces as well as the police. No memorial to Indian martyrs has even been planned in the capital ...

Any surprise that we have all the statues and roads in memory of Aurangzeb and Krishna Menon, the villain of the 1962 war, but none named after the heroes from the forces. 

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