Friday, November 07, 2008

American Born Communist Desi

You would have heard of them before, with the C as Confused, but this is a sub breed. ABCD - American Born Communist Desi

Those, who, are born in the US or spend a disproportionately long time of their lives in the US, enjoy (should I make it enjoyed now) all the benefits of capitalism and return to India as communists to prevent globalization of any sort including from one district to another.

The previous post actually referred to two such souls who with their Mac air books and latesht Wii want India and Indians to be stuck somewhere in a time warp nearabouts 1987, but with ample food and water and cheap servants.


ggop said...

While article 2 was a ramble, article 1 had good quotes from Girish Karnad. You have to give the author Mehul some credit!

Neelakantan said...

True, but the author had already refuted what Girish says in the end - which is a fact.