Thursday, November 20, 2008

Cloud computing

I really believe that Cloud computing is one bus Indian IT service providers missed and missed badly.

With our inherent cost advantge, India was a logical place to do something like this. The only one that did so, is a company by the name of Zoho.


venkatramanan said...

How did you quickly turn directions in exactly 2 months?! :-)


Neelakantan said...

Sorry for the confusion, I did not mean cloud computing to be SAAS at an enterprise level at all.

I was referring to apps like Google Docs, Zoho and not to enterprise level apps like an ERP etc.

Rangachari Anand said...

Google is building its offerings on a firm foundation, namely its world-class data centers (as is Microsoft). This kind of construction is very capital intensive. I don't think the Indian IT industry operates on such a vast scale.