Friday, November 28, 2008

The day after

It is a familiar story after any terror attack. Has been and will continue to be. Fiery editorials rule the roost.

Its War (TOI)
This is war waged against the nation (Pioneer)
Our nightmare, our wake up call (IE)
An affront to the Indian state (National Newspaper)
The longest day (HT)

We had a nice cut and paste speech by the PM which included the following words

We will go after these individuals and organizations and make sure that every perpetrator, organizer and supporter of terror, whatever his affiliation or religion may be, pays a heavy price for these cowardly and horrific acts against our people.

The TOI has already denounced it as an empty threat, though the Acorn has hope.

Thankfully, we have no tired edits on the "Spirit of Mumbai". As I have often argued, it is not spirit, it is simply helplessness (Brilliant post). Nice to see most people tend to agree with this - even Amitabh Bachchan does - a very sensible post there very aptly reflecting the sentiments of a lot of Mumbaikars - not necessarily the media.

And of course I have had the greatest pride in those from the forces that have and continue to fight for our freedom. Brilliant officers and police personnel have laid down their lives for us. I can only but salute them and respect their sincerity in the call of duty.

I have been at the receiving end of a million calls and an equal number of sms’s the whole day to come live on TV or on the print media to express my views on the current situation and am being lured by words such as ’we need you to speak to express solidarity and for the people to maintain their calm’.

This is disgusting !! I will NOT do that. TELL ME AND ORDER ME INSTEAD THAT WE REQUIRE FOR EVERY INDIAN TO GET UP AND WALK INTO THE FACILITIES WHERE THE ACTION IS ON AND I WILL BE THE FIRST TO WALK. But, please do not ask me to come and make sloppy statements [Amitabh blog]

Despite all this, the vacuousness of some media outlets wants me to want to puke. Read this post.

But in the meantime, what stands between you and me and death? It is probability. In a nation of a billion, the last 4 odd years terror attacks have taken a toll of some few thousands. If you think there is a long way to, you may not be completely way off the mark, but if you are in any place long enough, there will be a bomb under you or you will be shot. Politicians have reduced the probability of their being under a bomb by creating rings of security around them. Till they day their security reduces, they will not see our pain. In the meantime, we lose our best officers.

Meanwhile worse things can happen to us and we are grossly underprepared - not necessarily from a reactionary perspective - commandos can be called in pretty soon after a few people have been killed, but from being proactive. The intelligence lapses in the Mumbai attack are huge. Coastal security is a big hole (a trawler is missing since Nov 13 and nobody/heard saw any link).

Unless there is an attempt to identify the enemy, its ideology and a real effort taken at hitting them where it hurts, you and I are at the mercy of probability. The last few things India tackled, we went after them without mercy - Mumbai gangwars, Punjab terror or Naxalism of the 70s. There will be collateral damage, but please let us let the police and the forces do their job without politicising it. The one encounter that happened few weeks back has been madly politicised. (See this search and judge for yourself).

Another thing. Till now, we have always believed terror attacks, bombs are something that happens to somebody else. But as the years progress, the proverbial seven degrees of separation comes closer. Each of us knows someone who was affected by terror attacks or knows someone who does. The degree of separation keeps on reducing. Sadly it is only a matter of time before it comes closer.


Anonymous said...

Heres joke of the day
Manmohan to talk to Zardari about terror attacks..

Words mighter than guns eh buddy?

I am sure you can about this..lets swap stay in mumbai..and i stay in delhi with your security ..just for one day and see how it feels.!!

Come on dude..atleast shout at him .. !! hahahaha

Trailblazer said...

[...]In the wake of the impudent run of terror attacks across South Mumbai, I believe there are certain eye openers in the context of the unity of the country when an attack of such proportion takes place.[...]

Kavi said...

I wrote about it too. Living through this mess under the same sky, yet a trifle far away..anger swells. And some strange sails catch the wind.

The boat is afloat. God knows where it will dock.

The Bollywood Lover said...

It is very sad that these terrorists don't stop these things.