Thursday, November 20, 2008

Look whos talking

The JD (S), an ex political party now reduced to a few chairs in the local assembly held a rally in Bangalore. The party which can be safely called Bangalores most hated party - after successively toppling two governments (including its own), crippled the city during its 4 year regime. Now, they crippled the city for a few hours by holding a rally in the city.

Times of India went hammer and tongs at them on Monday

Kumaraswamy's show of strength may be forgotten as time goes by; it's another matter if he'll be forgiven for the inconvenience he caused this manic Monday.

but the party honcho came out all guns blazing the very next day.

Let These Sophisticated Non-Voting Bangaloreans Learn Villagers' Problems, he said.

Well sir, I am one of those sophisticated Bangaloreans you talk about. For all it is worth mine and other "sophisticated" peoples lifestyle here is a lot more modest than your own. Want to count the number of cars and land and petrol pumps you own vis a vis the average "sophisticated" Bangalorean? You will win hands down.

And yes, I voted or perhaps you mean voted for your party. Yes, many of the so called middle class are apathetic, but this time they were goaded into voting by your successive governments non performance. Among the people I know (and this includes migrant types), there were very few who did not vote. And almost everybody who voted, pretty much voted against you. The results showed that did they not? Whatever miniscule little chance you had, you blew it up. Somewhere along the way during your CM ship, you did have goodwill, but you did everything in your power to ensure that it disappeared as the roads did during your tenure.

And before I forget, during your kindly regime we did know what problems villagers face. I think the entire state knew that. After all did you not treat the entire Karnataka as your village - with you as the Zamindar. Roads were dug up and left, projects were left incomplete - indeed projects were not even allowed to begin. But ho-hum that was a while ago; we moved on and elected a government which seems to be doing the right things - including splitting your non existent party.

The party spent 10 crore for the "suffering masses to voice their problems". Shabaash. And no, we dont need a traffic jam created by you to be "enlightened" on villagers problems. So, please spare us the pontification.

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