Monday, November 03, 2008

Prediction time

The US Presidential elections are on and the Indian media does not want to be left behind. So, there are newspapers endorsing Obama from here (huh? Does he need that?). But, an entire worlds media is fawning over one man, so our media surely does not want to be left behind.

But, in any case, whichever way the US presidential election goes, here is a prediction. Later next year, when the Indian Parliament goes for election, you can expect the papers to search for someone, anyone who is "Obama like". Candidates may or may not latch on the promise for "change" like him, but the papers will come up with some comparision to Obama. 

Who will that be? 

(Note: There are very very credible candidates for such a "change". But you can be sure the media will ignore one of them for sure. )


MMM said...

Mayawati will try to project herself as India's Obama... "oppressed class finally getting its due"

Neelakantan said...

Indeed, she is one of the candidates for this "tag" :)

Journey to Home.... said...

i wonder newspaper in india will have a tough time, though i too agree that mayawati can b one ( we indians, wt al we hav 2 c)