Thursday, November 13, 2008


Whats worse than people forgetting your birthday?It is robots remembering your birthday.

Banks, phone companies and everybody else have discovered a new source of CRM. I can imagine how this must have transpired in a boardrooms meeting.

"We need to improve our customer relations" said the bearded honcho.
"According to psychologists, people love their birthdays the most." said the customer relations vice president
"We have all the customers birthdays don't we?" added the ever thoughtful network head
"Lets send them birthday presents." piped in the management trainee
"What sort?" asked the finance head, ever looking at cost
"A coupon for a kg of cake at one of their favourite outlets." added the management trainee
"Naah. Too costly." dismissing it with a "heard that so many times before" wave.
"Or a voucher from a restaurant chain." added the MT hopefully
"No, again costly." This time the finance guy does not even look at the MT
"Or a higher rate of interest on deposit." added a piece of furniture
"No, against regulations." dismissed legal
"Free chequebook?" said the fan
"Nobody uses them anymore." said the MT
"How about free SMSs?" added somebody in the room who could not be given credit
"Come again?" said the CR head
"Free SMS or email wish on their birthday. They will fall in love in with. They will simply be amazed that their bank - the nameless faceless bank remembers their birthday. They will rush with whatever money they have into the nearest branch. Wont that be great?"
"Brilliant." all the heads nodded sagely...

Except that the customer in question thinks they are spam. Stop it guys. If you really care, do something more meaningful...


purple pitara said...

well hope u also had friends calling and smsing to balance it out on your big day :)!

Savitha Rao said...'re right . some banks are sending birthday greetings by sms . One bank (or was it the phone co ? ) put a 'Happy Birthday' message on the monthly statement .

Sanket said...

Brilliant, actually. I mean the post, ;)