Thursday, November 27, 2008

This is a war

They are fighting it in our cities and I hope (though I dont have too much hope) we take it to its logical finish...Mumbai is now the most attacked city in India - wait for the agencies to come up with more stories, dates, inane theories, headlines and statistics...

"The first attack of its kind"

"Indian Mujahideens revenge on the ATS"

This time with grenades, automatic weapons exploding taxis, hostages and hospitals and hotels. They have struck at our root - your root - the common man - even as you and I survive by mere probability...

Expect people to commend Mumbais spirit to get back on its feet the next day - but remember that it is not spirit, it is helplessness

Update: Mumbai shuts down - but what about all the articles you were drafting about the indomitable spirit (read helplessness) of the city? And how come there is a terror attack when that sadhvi is safely behind bars? 


Anonymous said...

apt . fully endorse.

a fan said...

Very true, it is total helplessness which makes mumbaikars to go on even with these kind of attacks...

Anonymous said...

A city getting back on it's feet after a night like yesterday is by no means helplessness .

Anonymous said...

Anon 2 : I don't know whose feet are you talking. People go out next morning coz they have to earn their bread, no choice.

Its never spirt..what spirit are you talking of?

You can mask it in spirit, but its sheer helplessness.

Anonymous said...

Yes - a lot of people don't have a choice . That does not mean nobody has a choice . Or that it is only helplessness that makes a city carry on .

Terror attacks have taken place with an alarming frequency in many parts of the world - New York , London etc . Is it your view that every part of the world that faced such attacks went forth only out of helplessness or is this view specific to India and Mumbai ??

Pl do not undermine the courage it takes for individuals to carry forth after a day like this .
People who survived it and families who lost a loved one .

Let's focus on whatever we can do as individuals and groups to look beyond the boundary of one's life and reach out in 'spirit' .

Neelakantan said...

Are you telling me that those who lost loved ones are back to work today? Dont kid yourself.

Let me ask you this. How long will you stay indoors? You can get bombed at a vegetable market, local train, bus, hotel, railway station. The only thing that saves you is sheer probability.

How many days off can you take off work? You get back because you are helpless. Sure you have spirit, but collectively we are helpless.

Why helpless? Because we did nothing as a nation to prevent these attacks. Spirit is when we give it back to those attackers, those who fund them, who shelter them and go back, brave, not pusillanimously as we do today. Do you have any guarantee that this will not happen again? Today? Tommrrow? Six weeks from now?

Aarushi said...

Pragya bhagavathy says that her lover Sunil Joshi was murdered in an Isalm bomb attack and in revenge she planned some Hindu bomb attack. Christan terrorism may also come after Orissa riots, the government should take serious action like KPS Gill did killing relatives and family members if a memeber is involved in terror acts, but now Congress as well as BJP failed to do that. After Indira Gandhi there is no leader who have guts to take stern action, everyone is after minority votes and the long time for judgment again appeal , Afasal Guru still in jail waiting for mercy petitions, and police is also not fair, there are serious doubts about Delhi encounter even a policeman died, still its a fake everyone doubts.

there is no co-ordination between police cbi raw army navy etc are all useless when a crisis comes, they can bring an atom bomb in a boat and can fuse it near Gateway it seems. We are boasting of satellites, moon travel etc etc but no mechanism to spot a boat full of RDX coming to Mumbai from Gujarath or Pakistan.

Be thankful to Karunakaran and Jayaram Padikkal they curbed at least naxalism from Kerala and what they received for that.

CPM is now hailing Madani as Mahatma gandhi for getting 300-500 votes in a constituency. What a shame.

Unknown Indian said...

Bud, lets not defend Pragya. Pragya, Purohit et al (as well as Advani and Thackeray, their beloved cheerleaders) are the worst kind of scum - distracting the police and dividng our society when we are at war with Islamofascists.

Neelakantan said...

Yes, it was a distraction. The newspapers, media worked us over the past many weeks to tell us that they was the real issue - and it took something like this to jolt us out.

Again, will anything concrete to protect citizens, create a stronger law happen from here? Unlikely.