Wednesday, December 31, 2008

2009 beckons

Maximum city got missed out of the pic, but all in all a healthy reading list to wade through in the beginning of a year...See you on the other side of the year...


Kavi said...

Thats an awesome list. And Md. Ali, said, 'finish stronger than you started..' ! I am keen to see a similar list at the end of next year too !!


Its been a treat to read your blog here..Wishing you a happy new year ! May there be peace, happiness and health...! All through !

Neelakantan said...

Thanks Kavi!! Wish you the same...

Arif said...

Books! Life doesn't any better does it. Ofcourse, could always use more time. :-)

Do post your views when you are done reading these.

I recently Completed Arundathi Roy's Algebra of Infinite Justice and was one heck of a read. Looking forward to finish her An Ordinary Person's Guide to The Empire.

By the way, you may hear Tom speak on Hot, Flat and Crowded here. Quite comprehensive, saved me from buying the book :-).

I have been meaning to ask you for a while, may I have your email address Neelkantan? Would like to share with you books/videos/podcasts that I across which I believe you would like and concur with or at times offer an alternate point of view.

Have a great 2009, Neelkantan.

Ps. Earlier I could comment on Interim Thoughts by entering my URL and Email id, however it's not that way now. Is that a conscious change by yourself or has Google changed some settings of

Neelakantan said...

Sure Arif, welcome that, drop me a note. I have my email id on my profile.

Yes, I changed the setting recently since I found people leaving nasty comments using the Anon option :)

If only you had told me about the hot, flat and crowded link before I purchased it :(

Savitha Rao said...

'Small is Beautiful' also somewhere in the pic ?

Neelakantan said...

Yes, thats a longer story though :)