Saturday, December 20, 2008

Finally, India takes action

After dilly dallying over the past few weeks on what we could do about terror considering that Pakistan has dismissed all claims about their involvement, India has taken a step forward.  It announced a limited precision strike on beach parties in Goa. Yes, you read that correctly.

Beach parties in Goa are banned this year in view of the heightened terror perception. 

As a continuation of limited precision strikes, the government is further expected to ban worshipping in temples (Akshardham), shopping in markets (Delhi), travelling in trains, hotels, stopping at railway stations, hospitals, driving in police vehicles (Mumbai), conventions (Bangalore), bus stops (Bangalore). Since none of these require weapons, as a non violent state, this has been seen to be the best option. If this does not reduce terrorism, India proposes to ban living in India too as a future step.

Note: In view of the heightened terror perception, India has also banned terrorists. However, they may not receive the notice or may not read it, as it has been observed in all incidents before this one.


BharGo said...
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Kavi said...

LOL !!

Super !

And then, they ban Aamir Khan, Shah rukh Khan and the rest of that joker bunch. And ban cricket. And then, ban..

what else is left !!?!

Perhaps ban protests. Because, once they the ban the first two..there will be protests !