Thursday, December 11, 2008

Get Involved

After the terror attack, the season of activism has descended upon us. There candlelight vigils, Facebook groups and what not. Couple of PILs have been filed - one by a music director on the media - Small Change. Theres a PIL by the SIL to ensure that the government works to modernise the police force. Jaago Re is an initiative by Tata tea which has gathered eyeballs and even seems to be having results in gettig people out to vote.

But couple of media houses have jumped into activism mode which is heartening to see...India Today has a terror pledge - in which they will ensure that all these terror attacks will be kept in public memory by them till the necessary action is taken. DNA supports the PIL filed by SIL (Society of Indian law firms) to modernize the police force.

Ideally the government should do both of these, but if someone can force the government to do it, why not. Nice to see these two media houses take a strong stand on terrorism - there may be others too.

Hopefully this will not be another forgotten incident and so far it appears to be very alive. True, some of the "activism" is just a click of a button and may not seem significant. But what is important is that each one of us needs to make our voice heard. It is important that the misdemeanors of this government and its allies (who seem to have escaped blame) not go unpunished.

But, make no mistake. Kumbhakarna (the Indian state and politicians) has not awakened yet. Not learnt from its mistakes. Sadly, a lot more blood will be split before Kumbhakarna wakes up. But in the meantime keep banging the drums and blowing the trumpet. Kumbhakarna will wake up, hopefully, if he is alive...

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Kavi said...

Kumbakarna, if woken up inbetween his long periods of slumber, i was told, rushes to some kind of misfortune upon himself !

And so, yes..let the drum rolls begin. Let the honks go bersek.

Let there be noise !