Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Now again, what happened on 26/11?

Deactivate forward airbases, Pakistan tells India. Over the past few days, you would think 26/11 was organized by India in Pakistan. India is now rapidly on the backfoot denying any moves towards war and placating Pakistan.

Need to avoid conflict with India, tells its army chief...after organizing (condoning with a wink and a nudge - anything) the most brazen terror attack; they if they can get away with this, wow, we deserve more of it.

Pakistan does not want war, it seems...Way to go Pak. The wimp state that is India deserves all this and much more.

If I were Pakistan, I would continue to screw India in much the same way. Sending in a few fidayeen who cause economic damage, kill infidels and get away with it is a neat strategy. They got away in 2001, 2008 looks set to be a repeat of it. The only question is how soon and where it wil happen again...

Can we get started with our covert networks once again?
Can we, send more troops in Afghanistan please?
And can we also stop all those Pak flights, trains and what not into the country?

Wake up Kumbhakarna....

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