Saturday, December 20, 2008

Our government, serving us

Just in case you missed, the spectrum scam is turning out to be the biggest scam ever, to the tune of some 100000 crores or so...Nice going.

And in the meantime, the lifeline of the mango man, roads is progressively being killed. The UPA government has laid waste to the Golden Quadrilateral program. No, I am not saying this, the high court is...

The Delhi High Court seems to have hit upon the root cause of why crucial highway projects across the country have been moving at a snail's pace in the past few years. And the discovery has left the court both shocked and angry.

We are all set to lose a world bank loan that was granted for the completion of a highway project...

He said, "World Bank concern centres around the poor implementation of five road packages under the Lucknow-Muzaffarpur National Highway Project (LMNHP) which should have been open this month. But at the current rate of progress it will not be ready in 10 years."


Previously here, here on how the government has been progressively screwing the project.

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