Friday, December 26, 2008

Praveen Swamis book on Kashmir

I picked this book, Indian Pakistan and the Secret Jihad by Praveen Swami recently - on the Acorns recommendation.

Do yourself a favour and read this book. It tells you what your history books never taught you, nor newspapers ever told you or the apologists will never tell you.

It tells, very vividly, how the Pakistani establishment has continuously, (beginning 1947 till date) believed in its claim over Kashmir. It documents the use of irregulars (variously known as Lashkars, tribesmen - and now known as terrorists here and FF there) to try and create an uprising in Kashmir - which it continues to do even today. The support for the elements in Punjab was just one part of this "grand strategy".

Today, of course, it has broadened the scope of terrorism in India, but it is interesting for us to know that every other excuse for any sort of terrorism support is just an excuse. The Kashmir front is just another one in the entire theater of war (see the NE explode shortly) and the sooner we realize it, the better.

It also tells you (and my respect for Indira Gandhi goes up for her nationalism) how India responded. The success in our response - cases in points being the modernisation of the Indian forces post 1962 and how we engineered 1971 - happened when we acted with determination (on both diplomacy and aggression). So, your heart goes out for those who claim her legacy, yet act as stooges and weaken this country.

The book ends around 2004 and nearly ends on an optimistic note. But the events post 2004 tell us that such optimism is unfounded, unless Indias rulers decide to do something about the menace that has continued since 1947.

Another thing. The diplomatic manouvers post the 2001 attack seem eerily similar to the one happening now - and hence I am pessimistic about its outcome...

Those who dont know history are destined to repeat it...

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