Thursday, December 18, 2008

Some links that made me think...

Greatbong dissects the algebra of infinite fundamentalism practiced by A Roy. Superb! Slightly long, but worth every moment of your time.

More on her, here. And Chandan Mitras column on people who have made a career out of treason is a must read since A Roy falls exactly in this category.

The sad thing is that people like Ms. Roy are always described by the media (and whoever posts her pieces) as Booker prize winning author and so on - which seem to lend credibility to what she writes. At the same time, they never point out her own venomous ideology or how she uses the same globalization (or companies) to achieve her own ends. Luckily, nobody but the elite reads her and then too most of them can see through her verbal diarrhea.

Previously, influenced my rather lame Anti Globalization aunties.

On a related note, there was a nice piece by Salil Tripathi on why the arrested Pakistani terrorist should get legal representation and I was thinking that he should, but then along comes Kanchan Gupta who argues it in an entirely different I am confused.

And then, in the light of the Mumbai terror attack, BJP was accused of politicizing it, but really is the Congress as "apolitical" as it pretends? Who politicized Gujarat and continues to do so?

In fact, efforts to milk the tragedy of Gujarat for political ends were made by the Congress till the last Assembly election when Ms Sonia Gandhi used the expression “Maut ka saudagar” while campaigning in the State. Till then, Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi had stuck to the development agenda. It was the Congress and its fellow-travellers in the guise of NGOs and cohorts in the media who sought to communalise the Gujarat election. [Pioneer]

India today, meanwhile has a nice piece here...

Sometimes it takes a certain amount of Gallic flamboyance to tell the truth. Towards the end of his book, Who Killed Daniel Pearl?, the French philosopher Bernard-Henri Levy reaches this terrifying conclusion: “I assert that Pakistan is the biggest rogue of all the rogue states today.[India Today]

I am learning immensely even as I link these pieces. Think. As someone (Balaji, wherever you are) pointed out, "Dont use your head as a helmet stand".

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