Sunday, December 28, 2008

Stateless actors

"All these stateless actors are causing a problem. "
"Well, they have created a parallel industry of themselves without the locals."
"Like how?"
"See, they have disproportionate influence over the locals as compared to the state actors"
"But can they do anything without local support?"
"True, but that local set is an exclusivist set and does not represent the view of the true local majority"
"How would you know that?"
"We are in touch with the ground realities"
"They run the industry all by themselves. Their fund sources are from all over the world and they have sympathizers all over the world. So, many of their actions find sanction everywhere. They are a big hit, even though I hate to admit it..."
"Any specific person?"
"Oh yes. Amitabh Bachahan. He is one of the biggest stateless actors." said Raj Thackeray signing off...


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Hyuk... Hyuk... btw does RT know that "Stateless Actors" has been copyrighted by Janab Zardari?