Thursday, December 25, 2008

Terror response lifecycle 2

Part 1, here...

It has been a long time since then, nearly a month and the only full monty happening here, is of our own government. Read on.

Day 11: Restraint is not a sign of weakness.
Read: It is a sign of weak knees.
Action: Pakistan wipes out evidence of terrorist camps from all known locations.

Day 12: Bring perpetrators to justice, Pak told
Read: Do something, do anything, save my face.
Action: Pakistan bans Jamat ud Dawa. A foreign newspaper traces the identity of the captured terrorist.

Day 23: The US has approved our evidence
Read: Papa has approved, yay.
Action: Pakistan places some of the people on the piece of paper with increased security, calls it house arrest. Everybody knows the home address of the terrorist.

Day 24: Even Nepal has accepted our evidence
Read: There are another 34 countries other than Pakistan which accept the evidence.
Action: Pakistan reverses its ban, asks for more evidence. Media is barred from entering the terrorists village.

Day 25: Pakistan is the center of terrorism
Read: This was nearly 20 years ago, we are still saying this or am I reading the wrong speech?
Action: Pakistan asks India to prove nationality of captured terrorist, wipes out village from map.

Day 26: Address India's concerns quickly, says Papa
Read: Which address will they use?
Action: Evidence not enough says Pakistan. They want the captured terrorists birth certificate. Terrorist did not carry it, reports media.

Day 27: Islamabad must act
Read: Who is producing this movie?
Action: Pakistan applies for Academy awards.

Day 28: Technology is not being used adequately
Read: The last time funds were sanctioned, we bought those .303.
Action: Taliban supports Pak army and the world thought they were fighting each other at some point.

Day 29: The terror attack is an attack on our ambitions.
Read: That does sound new
Action: Pakistan says, India is unnecessarily escalating tensions. JuD slams Indian government.

Day 30: The government is a wimp
Read: The government is a wimp
Action: India is a wimp, says Pakistan.

Sigh! Update in another month.

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Kavi said...

Would we need another update..! We know..! This is on for a long time now..