Thursday, December 25, 2008

Using the market

Over the past few days, India has done nothing but sabre rattling with Pakistan. And it has led nowhere. Pakistan is in the perfect position of "ulta chor kotwal ko daante" and this kotwal has proved his own ineffectiveness.

But it is time to take the gloves off. There were suggestions on how to screw Pakistans non existent economy - heres 2 of the most discussed. And some of them were brilliant, while some of them were a little childish. But the objective should remain. Hurt Pakistans economy - much of which is basically the army in any case.

I like what IPL is doing here. Pakistans players unwanted in the IPL, reports IE today. Way to go IPL. We also need to do the same for Pakistani artistes who want to perform in India. Some of us will argue that these are the "good" people there etc. etc., who we need to encourage, but I see no point. We need these so called "good" people to be able to inlfuence their country and countrymen to stop using terrorism as a "tactic".

India should use the power of its market and the strength of its economy. Perhaps, just perhaps the idea of war sabre rattling is to get Pakistan to push some of its depleting resources into the army. Great. It does look like they are using their limited supply of oil reserves to fly sorties across the country.

BTW: I read recently that many Gulf countries do not allow Israeli passport holders or passports with an Israeli stamp to enter their country.

Israel too has an enemy country policy : On 1 April 2008, the Israeli government proposed a new revised law which includes a list of 10 countries and territories to be defined as "enemy countries": Iran, Afghanistan, Lebanon, Libya, Sudan, Syria, Iraq, Pakistan, Yemen and the Gaza Strip. As of August 2008, the legislative procedures of this revised law have not been concluded yet.

Read: Economic Boycott of Israel by Arab Nations.

Special clauses in Invoice: For GULF COUNTRIES: (i.e. Abu Dhabi, Aden, Bahrain, Basrah, Dammam, Doha, Dubai, Hodeidah, Jeddah, Kuwait, Muscat, Tripoli (Libiya), Ummsai, Oman)
In Invoice & Certificate of Origin:-
"It is further declared that above Goods are not of Israeli Origin/Manufacture nor do they contain any Israeli material."

Time for us to do the same to Pakistan?

Update: Bravo UTV...(via)


Kavi said...

interesting options. I wish the powers that be read these. Whilst it may seem a little harsh at some level...i think there can be no better way to fight a war. It is far better than bombing, killing and maiming.

ramesh said...

are you thing that our nation is fit for fight? absoulutely not in all means. The only option is show our aggressiveness in cricket and give all other things to the time. This is the fate of soft nation with cunning lazy people.


ahmad said...

This is really silly.
Next thing you will ask me not to visit my pakistani cousins

Neelakantan said...

...please go ahead and visit :)

In any case, we have no such policy yet...