Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Walk around CST

Its a few days since the terror attacks and life is fast returning to normalcy or resignation. So, today, I thought of looking around VT and if security was any different around the long distance/suburban platforms where the terror attack and killing took place.

As my train crawled in, I could see no policemen in the rear end of the platform (that's where the terrorists ran out from, they came from back door at the Taj as well !!).

I still had hope. As I walked forward, I could see 3 cops with probably SLR (INSAS I guess). Yesterday there were 5 cops, today 3, tomorrow?

I walked towards the long distance platforms from the suburban - again no cops there. Outside the long distance platform a huge presence of cops (but few or no guns).

Further down, more cops - again just filling in numbers, nothing more. How often we attempt to solve an issue by simply putting in more people? And to think some parts of Mumbai will be underpoliced because of this...

A police jeep passed by me, on the backseat I could find the cop doing his kitchen chores I guess - was busy sorting green peanuts. Now, unless that is some new weapon we have figured out, big help it is going to do when there is an attack.

I am Mumbaikar all my life, well I am not ashamed to say I am scared. Did you say where is the spirit? The spirit has been held hostage - I have had enough. I just wish there were more gun totting, confident looking cops. I could have felt more safe. I guess I need get a new pair of sports shoe and hope to run as fast - nothing more can help me now. Or a bullet proof vest?


rahuldeodhar said...

I am pissed too - lets do something about it. It is time we pushed the politicos into action.

Arif said...

The lackadaisical attitude observed is certainly not acceptable. But neither is it practical nor feasible to have metal detectors at every entrance of every Mumbai Train station with police sprawling all ove, frisking every passenger. Where will the funds for that come from? And once it's Train Sations that are protected, what about Bus Stations, Bus Stops, our mandi bazaars? Where is it going to stop?

The root cause has to be addressed. And here are some questions that would help us get there:
-Who benefits from these attacks?
- There are a large number of resources necessary to carry these attacks out, where are they coming from?
- What is the mindset of the individuals as well as the grandmasters (who are behind the scenes) carrying these attacks out?
- What are the mindsets of those who are in the position to bring about change?
- What needs to be done to change these mindsets for the better?

Big Change comes in small steps, we have to stay strong and persevere.

Kavi said...

I guess we need to start working..! It boils down to us.

I am convinced that we are as much a part of the problem ! And if it all change has to start..it starts with us.

Now, whats to be done..? Thats the question that i ahve been grappling with for some time now.