Sunday, January 18, 2009

The best meal I ever had

Inspired by this. Himachal Pradesh, 1995. Place: Dharamsala (en route to McLeod Ganj) where we, 6 friends, still in college landed up as part of our "grand" Himachal trip. It was a PWD guesthouse - a pretty good place by college student standards. It was also towards the end of the trip. We had covered much of Shimla and Manali by then. Dharamsala and Khajjiar were our last stops after which we would make our way back home. This leg saw a couple of us down with stomach trouble and the like.

Overall Himachal is good with food. Like most rural/semi-urban parts of India or slightly offbeat tourist locations, trying out local stuff or stuff close to local stuff is a far better option than trying to order Paneer Butter Masala.

At the PWD resthouse, perhaps since we were the only guests, the cook and the helper asked us what would like as dinner. We asked them what they could make and they replied enthusiastically "Anything sir". We looked at each other. After the last few days and given the current health quotient, what we unanimously wanted was "Roti and Sabji". So, we asked them if they could make us a dal, rice and capsicum potato sabji.

And make they did. I cannot express it in words, but they were exactly what the doctor ordered. Hot phulkas, dal and a simple sabji were what our travel sick stomachs wanted. We tipped them heavily despite our shoestring budgets. It truly is a meal I cannot forget...Bharat will agree too, perhaps...


Siddharth said...

as one of the six who enjoyed the meal, my memory is a little sketchy on the exact menu but I do remember relishing the food to the last morsel...

Kavi said...

Sometimes, the best of food is reserved for the smallest of eateries in the least expected of places !

Sometimes, the simplest food is cooked with the greatest love !

Atleast, thats what i have been told at home !!