Thursday, January 15, 2009

Everything I learnt in marketing...

...I learnt it from the four year old.

If you want the customer to believe in something, hype it up. It could be as simple as curd rice with pomegranate topping or even chapati with cheese. But anything that is marketed with a sufficient amount of hype will win - but only in the short run. This works for movies, since it depends on a large number of people making their way to buy a movie ticket - just once. If you sell enough at first shot, great, you have made it. It does not work if the topping is the same "stale" thing or if food is perceived as "uninteresting".

But hype without value or perceived to be of no value, means the next ten meals are gone down the drain, even if you promise meals of chocolate on chocolate plates.

The trick with hype is to provide different types of hype at different points, be completely indifferent at times and of course, prove value in every hype. This includes unintended surprises - sheer customer delight. That means, a dash of special topping mid-way through a meal. It could mean, a reward for just being good (a surprise). This is something marketeers dont do very well. Even employers dont do this very well. This reward for good behaviour is a gem in marketing, which nobody uses. Thanks for being a customer for so long - so what if you did not give us a million dollars worth of business.

First of the many lessons...more later


Rangachari Anand said...

Do you remember how Maggi noodles got started back in the early 1980s? They brilliantly used school kids to build up demand but interestingly, the demand has been enduring.

Neelakantan said...

All those school kids who grew up (ppl like us) are now adults and they do the marketing for Maggi :)

I am a fan of it even now ;)

Savitha Rao said...

Good one . A lot of companies (in India at least) bend backwards to expand the customer pool while ignoring existing customers .