Saturday, January 24, 2009

Go green, fight terror

This was an entry in Wireds Utopia blog a little while back titled Automakers Sing the Body Electric. After being stung by high oil prices a few months ago, it is almost as if all the automakers have decided that electric is the way to go...

...The future of the automobile was sealed at North America's biggest auto show this week, where all of the hottest new cars and concepts had extension cords.

...Until now, electric cars were always part of the auto industry's post-petroleum plans, but only as one of many technologies they said would lead us to a greener, cleaner future. No more: Now, all bets are on batteries.

...No one mentioned ethanol. There was little discussion of flex-fuels. And aside from Honda's ongoing infatuation with the stuff, most agree that hydrogen remains a distant dream

...What's more, hybrids and EVs are no longer niche vehicles that only Al Gore would want to drive. Prototypes and production models are appearing in every segment and at every price point.[Wired]

This is great news for many reasons. Despite the current downtrend in oil prices, the writing on the wall is clear - oil supply is limited and the world needs better and more sustainable options. And the connection between oil and terror couldn't be clearer. Theres a message in it for all of us. Invest in clean energy now and make the world a safer place...

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