Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The cat, the bell...

Lets bell the cat is how Gaurav has shared this piece from IE - The headline says something entirely different, but heres how it is going...

Lets bell the cat...

Excuses so far
There is no bell.
Let us import an Israeli bell - since US has imposed sanctions on bells. Russian bells are outdated. We did a technology transfer 50 years back, but the current bell we managed to make weights 3 kilos and wont ring.

There is no rope.
The only rope is of 1935 vintage which can break anytime.
The newest ropes are embroiled in a kickback scandal.

Latest excuse:
There is no cat.
The cat should discipline itself.
"Don't feed the cat milk" we shout, while doing so ourselves..

And so on it goes...

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doubtinggaurav said...

Talking about bell feels as good as actual bell!