Saturday, January 31, 2009

Marketing gimmick

This started off as a comment here (do read it), but I guess theres reams of possibility...

Watch? Wristwatch? Are we in 1970? Did the world turn back? I overslept or something? Signed by Shah Rukh Khan? You mean that the dial has a graphic that looks like Shah Rukh Khans signature when you see under an electron microscope? And I will part with an insanely high amount of money for that privilege? How could you underestimate your customers intelligence by so much? In 2009? When wristwatches, autographed or unautographed as as passe as Hawaii chappals? SRK has a brand image for sure, but not on watches...

Imagine that! This would have come through after a meeting with high powered executives and approved after wasting much time. Somebody, some great body in that great office would have come across this statistic hidden in the 345th page of an 87643 page report. That there is this great untapped pool of people who are waiting, just waiting, for an autographed watch to part with their money. And the person whose autograph they really want, in circa 2009, is their very own brand ambassador. Once they see this promo, they will rush in droves to part with their money. So, what are we waiting for?

(Now what happens to the mass of people who parted with their money and did not get an autographed watch? Oh the blunder...)

Imagine that! Now having got the said autographed watch, each time the customer waits in queue outside the ATM or waits for the customer service executive to respond to his query while listening to barrage after barrage of advertisements, they will take one look at this miracle of an autographed watch and lose themselves and fall in love with the bank again. Huh?

Lure me? With an iphone. Anytime. I dont even want Steve Jobs autograph on it. I will close all my other accounts and come to you.

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