Wednesday, January 07, 2009

One bag less

Recently, a nearby mall has started this "initiative" of charging people for plastic bags. The new bags, they claim are bio degradable. Even if they are not, it is a great idea. Making customers pay for plastic bags - even if it is 1 rupee per bag makes it possible that they will get their own bags or atleast remember to mark a paise or two towards environmental consciousness in their mind.

The need to get rid of oil or oil related (plastics are produced from petroleum) addiction cannot be stressed, so any initiative in this direction is a good one.

What we can also do as customers is to refuse the plastic bags that shopkeepers offer us for every small thing we buy - especially medicines, small items. Eventually if it means going back to the good old days of carrying cloth bags to the market, fair enough. The number of plastic bags (and items) that we accumulate can be seen at our houses, in landfills and even in many lakes - the effects of which are disastrous all over, so the sooner we wean ourselves of this addiction, the better.

Anyway the news of biodegradable plastic bags was news to me. I was not sure that such a technology was available in India.I am still not very sure how some plastic bags qualify as "bio degradable".


Kavi said...

This is like the classic frog in boiling water story..when we wake up, may a little too late.

I am glad there are people taking some steps on these...and ofcourse, there are people like you who are spreading the word !


purple pitara said...

I too am not sure how "bio-degradable" plastic bags are. i remember seeing in some store in the US a pretty cool initiative in this direction. They would sell nice cloth bags with the store's logo at the checkout counter. and the next time u got that bag with u to shop , you actually got a small discount on your bill.

Varun said...

My wife also got suspicious abt the bio-degradability of these bags being sold at Hypercity Mall in Mumbai. We got our bag and are now going to bury it in the society garden for the next 7-weeks (that's what it says) and will see what happens to their claim.

Hope the stupid society rules don't stop us from doing this and hope the bag actually degrades. Will let u know....

Neelakantan said...

Sure Varun, will wait to hear from you :)