Saturday, January 03, 2009

Proof Olympics

India to go to any extent to root out terror said the Prime Minister. This came a few minutes after begging Pakistan to send the Mumbai attack masterminds to face trial in India.

Close on the heels of this announcement, the sports minister announced the Proof Olympics, where India would parade the proof of Pakistans involvement in front of all the countries that are part of the Olympics movement. Since India would go to any extent, India has decided to meet all countries which exist (which would also help the national airline get some money) and get their consensus on Pakistans involvement in the attacks that happened in Mumbai a month ago. According to sources some 147 countries have yet to approve the proof(s). Some eminent geometricians have also been drafted into this movement.

Contrary to popular perception, the memories of the said attack have not yet been wiped out from the publics memory thanks to a recalcitrant media, so India has to resort to these Olympics, said an unnamed official, unofficially.

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