Saturday, January 03, 2009

Stateless actors 2

"Appa, my body is telling me I don't want to sleep."
"Are you sleepy or not?"
"I am sleepy, but my body is telling me I don't want to sleep. It wants to play and play."
"But what if you feel so tired that you cannot play?"
"But my body is saying that no, so it is not tired...."
"Why dont you tell your body it is sleepy?"
"I am telling, but it is not listening..."

Another day...
"Appa, those chocolates are telling me, please eat me."
"Is it?"
"They are telling me, if you don't eat me, I will be very sad."
"Are your teeth telling you anything?"
"They are telling me, eat the chocolate and brush me."


purple pitara said...

i wish my body was as fun loving as his!

Kavi said...

What an analogy !

Super !