Friday, February 13, 2009

Another railway budget

And the same sop story again...

The railways is sinking into a ever deeper morass of lower fares (and despite such low fares there are many who dont buy tickets) and lower safety and comforts. Each time you travel it hits you hard that the railways have barely improved on speed, comfort in the last 30 odd years.

From that article,

Railways have not increased passenger fares in the past four years despite an increase in operating costs — including spike in global crude oil prices, resulting in much higher diesel prices. The country’s largest transporter has replaced the old diesel engines with more fuel efficient and powerful locomotives, and is also focusing more on electric locomotives.

They may have upgraded to better locos to run at the same old speed, but the loos still open onto the tracks, food is as bad as usual, maintenance of rolling stock is still no great shakes and there are no concrete plans to speed up the railways. Intercity trains are used as local trains...the Udyan express is a local train in the major part of the day with people cramming into nook and corner. Problems like this where a group of students was eve teased and then assaulted are unlikely to go away. Anyway today is the vote on account, and we will see if anything substantial comes up beyond the sop story.

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Kavi said...

And Lalu Yadav is already proclaimed the turn around champion of the Railways and is on the speaking circuit speaking to IIM students and the like.