Wednesday, February 11, 2009

At the crossroads

This blog has been a diligent follower of Indias boom (even if rather late in the day). We have crowed about the coming retail revolution, the infrastructure boom, the IT industry, trickle down theory, capitalism, market and a lot of other things on the way.

But, like the world (and thats no excuse), we too were (too?) optimistic. And, when the recession happened, we were caught unawares, though atleast one of us is a proponent of the gloom and doom theory. Then the terror attacks which seem to happen every now and then and we seem to have no decent strategy to respond except run to other bullies bawling, "he hit me". Quo Vadis?

So, as the Chinese saying (curse?) goes, We live in interesting times.

For us as Indians, a generation back (when we grew up) it was all about scrimping, saving. This generation, it seemed would be one of abundance, but just as it was all going to build up, we are back in a hole the depth of which nobody knows. So, khaya piya kuchch nahi, glass toda bara ana, is how we can sum up the bust that is fast taking place of the boom.

But make no mistake. This is a good thing that has happened at the right time. All around there are whispers of pessimism, doomsday predictions and a clear uncertainity about the future. But here is where we need to go back to our original resourcefulness and get right back in the groove. The world, and India, is filled with opportunities and this slowdown is a great opportunity to hit some of the nagging issues that the world faces.

What would they be? One, very clearly is to live in a more sustainable fashion - reuse, recycle, repair. Second, is to get rid of our oil addiction - this itself has the potential to eliminate terror, reduce climate change issues, create newer industries and jobs and hell, if you ask me, this is the one thing we all need to pledge ourselves to do - otherwise, our entire way of living and life itself is under a threat, the seriousness of which is perhaps the most undermined yet. Keep your eyes and ears open people.

We will continue to track the story, as always, from the street level...

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Arif said...

Just when I was getting optimistic, I read this post. For the last month or so, I too was foretelling doomsday will be upon us soon, but for the last couple of days have been humming a different tune. My current gutfeel, is that the recession (India as well as Global) won't be as bad as many experts are claiming it to be. Let's see.