Wednesday, February 18, 2009

India, Innovation, Creativity

It was a free wheeling discussion between friends somewhat late in the night. As has happened before, it was extremely invigorating. This time we spoke about innovation, creative ideas and coming up with creative ideas to make a living etc etc. And inevitably, since pretty much each one of us has some sort of international experience, the discussion veered about US. And how the US will come out of this recession, stronger and better than the rest of the world.

And it is true. They will. Not because they will do the right things now. That they will in any case. But also because they have done the right things in the past many years, while we squandered it. As I wondered on how best I could articulate it, I found this post by Atanu.

This is not to say that Indians not innovative; far from it, but a lot of our innovation is at a much lower level. The population that Atanu says is capable is also quite innovative, but in terms of a comparison to the US, we are far behind, primarily because of numbers and secondarily because of a few other reasons.

Coincidentally, I found this 50 Innovative companies list from Fast Company. And guess who is there from India. Think...


Gave up? It is not your usual name at all..

Aravind Eye Care Systems is company which features in the top 50 list - about which not too much has been written about in India.

Also take a look at the accompanying map in the article and you will see some more companies. Apart from the usual Tata, Airtel, Infosys, DRL, UB group, Wipro you will find Merittrac, Narayana Hrudayalya, Comat Systems from Bangalore.

I know a little bit about the other two, but Comat was new to me. Not seen anything in the Indian press about them. More power to great ideas...

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