Friday, February 20, 2009

India to improve quality of education worldwide

India has decided to make a major contribution to universities, colleges and other scientific and technical establishments worldwide. How? Quota would have no exemption: Govt [TOI]

Given that many Indian students make their way to the US and become professors, this is an indicator that the trend will continue. In any case, being a prof in India is hardly lucrative. So, in one stroke, India will improve the quality of education worldwide. Brilliant. You think our politicians are small minded or vote minded, but in reality this is for the greater good. In any case quality of education in India except at a few places is not that great. Add to this the fact that "education reforms" are an oxymoron here. What better service to do for the world than use the infrastructure of other countries and create professors and great academic institutions for them. Countries of the world, roll out your carpets...

Now, actually, even private companies should have a quota across all levels- why should they be left out?


Mrinalini said...

Nice blog about the Indian Education system. Many students wish to pursue their higher education abroad because the standard of our education system is not great when compared to International standards. Students are spoon-fed in Indian schools and they are not allowed to imbibe their own skills in a creative way. Most of the schools follow conventional teaching which focuses on rote learning and an inclination towards mathematics and science. The main reason behind the increasing popularity of international schools in India is the country's increasing interaction with the world. It is not only the Indians who are going abroad but also people who are coming to work in India look for international schools for their children. In India, the standard of education is generally good. But, international schools have their own roles to play. They help children to get a great learning experience in terms of being exposed to other cultures and learning how to get along with different people. My sister's son studies in an international school called Inventure Academy which provides opportunities for children to learn and demonstrate their learning in multiple ways. They focus on the personal learning style so that they can identify every child's strength. This school has uses the concept of Multiple Intelligences which helps in identifying multiple talents of every child. The curriculum at Inventure Academy is unique in its weave of inventive thinking and differentiated learning. Education like similar to the one at Inventure which focuses on progressive education is essential so that a child can face the world of fierce global competition.

mallika said...

I have to agree to what has been said by Inventure Academy. They do have a good mix between the traditional and modern day education. From what I have seen children are really encoraged to experiment and experience things by themselves. I was really proud of my friend's son, studying in Grade 8 there who is participating in the Intel Science fair, and the kind of research he is doing is fabulous. I know my daughter has just started school and has adventures in her own class, but to think of it continuing all through school (not primarily academics) is satisfying. I feel like have made the right choice with Inventure.