Tuesday, February 10, 2009

On standards

Found this in a train last week. The "standards" that railway caterers should follow. This is probably the basis on which the tender gets awarded. You can also see this on the boards of any shop which sells on railway property.

The standards are amazingly well defined. Vadas should be x grams. Omelet should be served with a "chiplet" of butter of x grams. Idlis, x nos, y grams and so forth. Coffee, x ml etc.

Inspite of all these standards, railway food is insipid at best. And if you measure most of the items, they will measure up to these standards.

Trouble being, obviously, taste does not have a standard...Undercooking does not have a standard, nor does salt.

If these chaps tried a little harder, they would find that many of the repeat travellers will buy so much more from them (instead of carrying from home etc.), but most of them are very happy with insipid food and the money they make out of it.

Anyway a related ramble some other time...


Nikhil Narayanan said...

Tenders are awarded and then?
Someone checks the quality?
I shudder at the thought of ordering railway food and curse myself when I eat the Veg Pulau,Egg Biriyani which I repeatedly try for no better choices.

Some Meals are okay.
Let is not discuss the raliways,the dirty coaches,the bad food and PROFITS.
May Laloo rot in hell.


Neelakantan said...

If it were not for the delayed GQ, rail travel would have had to upgrade itself to stay in competition. Even today the Volvos are a better bet on most routes - they are clean, dont have unauthorised passengers, nobody will come to share your seat etc etc apart from sheer speed

Kavi said...

At some point in time, there will be a mass awakening. And then, there will be dark, moustached man, who will give an inpsiring speech : with vada, omlette et al. And there will be mass uprising with AK - 47s and Tata Sumos thrown in....

Well, i am nostalgic about Tamil movies.

Until the next time, i will fast on trains. And link up with the Gods !