Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Subhiksha,end game?

Subhiksha, about whom we have written at length, almost charting their beginning, their progress and calling out how they need to improve to survive is clearly at the crossroads. Subhiksha - warehouses looted.

That is a pity because they had a model, strategy - even the goodwill in place but they seem to have lost it...

Our set of posts on them, here, here, here, here, here, here and here.

There could be more in the pipeline - this is all about mindless expansion - which really was the order of the day for every player out there. There is news about high rentals being unsustainable, too many stores for not just Subhiksha, but others as well. Have they lost the plot asks Business Standard? (This actually has a piece by the founder of Subhiksha - read it.)

Too early to say it, but each one has spotted the rot and the need to consolidate.


Kavi said...

As cliched as it can get...we are propped, grown, shined and ruined by the twin factors of Greed & Fear !!

Greed seems to be the new creed. Or may be i should say that in the immediate past tense..!

Sankt Ingen said...

I guess it is a matter of time alone.