Wednesday, February 11, 2009

UK discovers new tactic to fight terror

They are grovelling and how...Dont attack us, says new UK ad on Pak TV

Now I can put the visit of Milli-banned in perspective.

I am sure Churchill would be proud.

Aside: Now, how many of you think maybe, just maybe, we should do the same on Pak TV? If not, what are we doing now? If else, what should we do? Fold our hands and await our turn?

Update: Just in case you thought we were any different, heres our "Hindu" leaders asking for a fatwa for not attacking Hindus...(via Atanu on mail)

A group of Hindu leaders on Wednesday appealed to Islamic religious institutions and scholars to come forward with an appropriate ‘fatwa’ (edict) to declare that Hindus were not ‘kaafirs’ (non-believers) and that there need not be a “jihad” (war) against them in India.

“The fatwa should say that India is not ‘Dar-ul-Harab’, which means it is not a land against which Islamists have to wage a war,” convener of the All India Acharya Sect Dayanand Maharaj told journalists in Mumbai on Wednesday.

As Amit and Atanu say : “Appease the monster so that it will eat you last.”

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