Friday, March 27, 2009

26/11 made us do it...

Everywhere you see in the media, people are pretending that this is yet another election, that there is no national emotive issue.

But the two "making a difference" candidates who have decided to stand in these elections - read the first slides in these links - Meera Sanyal in Bombay and Captain Gopinath in Bangalore have taken to the elections post the Mumbai massacre of 26/11. Even Rajesh Jain - one of the brains behind Friends of BJP tells you the same.

What does that tell you, intelligent voter? Are you missing something or are these intelligent guys who have decided to put themselves in line in the cesspool of politics missing something?

That the governments (both at Centre and M'tra) slept at the wheel waiting for the terror problem to explode, literally. Immediately post the problem, they set up NIA and passed an anti terror law - acknowledging that this was due all along, but woke up only when 183 people were massacred in cold blood. All the previous terror attacks did not move them, at all...Amazing, when you think of it no?

And each time this question is posed to the powers that be today, they remind you that Kandahar happened during the NDA regime. True as it is, it is no justification for this government to have slept for 5 years and let another 1000 people be killed in terror explosions all over India. (Yes, every single one of us is lucky to be alive if we are reading this. Lance Naik Anil Kumar was not as lucky as us - he died for us.)

Would you still want to vote the same government in, dimpled chin or not? Choose dimpled chin and you could get a dimpled heart or head in the bargain sooner or later. Its your choice. After all, its your head. Do let people who choose dimpled chin know this. Also please buy yourself a bullet proof helmet and jacket (and buy shares of that company for good measure - its stock will go up). Bomb proof ones may not be so easily available.

Still have a doubt?

Read between the lines of this document. In case you did not, Reality check lays it out for you...

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