Sunday, March 22, 2009

The biggest issue in Bangalore

or Karnataka if you go by the past month odds news in the leading paper this part of the country were, a pub attack at some place in Mangalore by some losers. (They do not even deserve to be named, let alone contacted for "sound bytes" on a daily basis.)

Then, there was a "furore" created by somebody on not wanting Charlie Chaplins statue on the West Karnataka coastline someplace. To them, I would ask to read, residents protest against Goundamanis statue in Beverly Hills!

And of course, moral policing has been introduced into our lexicon. It is just a newly minted phrase for thugs. These were random attacks on people by local thugs (this is nothing new in Bangalore btw) and it has been happening under governments of all dispensations.

That includes governments headed by righteous people as well as sons of sons of oil that had an ushered in an era of safety and great infrastructure sans any infighting for the past 5 odd years. Oh, for those golden times to return! But I digress.

Sure, all the above is news and deserves to be printed. But the front page? Daily? So, whats different now? Just that this time, the media has a "name" and a "face" it likes to "see" in print as "enemy". Bangalore has never been a safe place and I have seen some of it myself - couple of people I know on a first person basis were robbed, mugged, assaulted etc. This is a problem, any government has to solve (including this one). A lot of thugs here use the "outsider" tag to justify violence and robbery and thuggery. Why, even a lot of "rich" local folks use it as an issue to justify anything that they do. Ask anybody who has been in Bangalore for a few years and they will agree with you.

Btw, Bangalore did get an intelligence alert on a possible strike, but did not make it to front page.

For now, it is an echo chamber here...

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Savitha Rao said...

You're right . Thugs are getting a dignified name when called 'moral police' .