Monday, March 23, 2009

Four months ago, you saw the future

26/11 was a trial balloon floated by the Pkstns "asymetric warfare department" routinely referred to as terrorists, Taliban, ISI and quite a few other pseudonyms including the Pkstn army. Over the last few weeks, we have come to see what it means for Pkstn to escalate its "death by a thousand cuts" strategy on India.

The bombs across the country, foreign terrorists in Kashmir did not rouse the sleeping elephant (it is probably dead in conscience). Nothing happened. India did not retaliate. They kept the water flowing, allowed the flights to land and overfly, continued the trains and buses and even kept the MFN going.

(Aside: India in return of course has got the MFN (replace f with f*ed) sobriquet, but little else.)

So, the great "brains" in Pkstn launched a strategy. A fidayeen attack on the nerve center of India. A 183 people were killed, in as cold blooded a massacre as it can get. It also replaced 183 as a world cup winning score to a body count in the Indian psyche. The strategy succeeded beyond their wildest expectations. They got away with murder, literally, leaving India crying in vain (and pain). India, again, did not respond beyond weeping to some foreign countries. Their populace has also been lulled into a somnolence.

Why is this important? Over the next few months, after the elections of the government of whichever dispensation, you will see why.

The "Changed" government in the US has discovered Good Taliban - with the euphemism Good being used to indicate that the "good people" will not attack any western (US by and large) interests. Having done their job there, they will be back to their safe borders. (Meanwhile, the UK has discovered that TV ads will keep them safe.)

The US has its drones in air over Pkstn airspace. It has its eyes on every single container (and presumably person) who enters and leaves the country. Now, if it has secured the country in its own inimitable electronic way - it is positively preposterous to assume that it does not have its eyes on the biggest suicide bomb on the planet. It probably has its thumb on every tail there. So, any future attack in the US will not happen - certainly not out of Pkstn. So, as far as US goes, not even a mouse can escape Pkstn in any direction towards the US.

Of course, the terrorists have changed tack, changed their strategy and moved onto something else. The bases too have shifted (closer) and the terrorists have discovered other loopholes. But presumably, again, the US has that covered that too, by and large. So, after all the water under the bridge, the US has ensured its safety. And also ensured that quite a few of the deprived terrorists will be deprived of their jobs. The recession hits everyone no. They will apply for a bailout to their strategy masters. The funding part of the bailout is being handled by the US. The job part of the bailout will be, you guessed it, you intelligent voter, you.

Enter, India, Pkstns eternal enemy - starting from 1947 to 1971 to IPL 2009. The good Taliban, being reformed will train their sights on India. Now, like the tower defence game you can expect all sorts of attacks on India. If you recall, almost every single evidence that India got for 26/11 (apart from the pickle and tissue) was validated by the FBI - and that should give you an indicator of how much information the FBI taps from Pkstn. They have presumably tapped into every single bit of information that goes in and out of the country except using carrier pigeons. So, the 26/11 attack is a precursor of things to come. And when it happens, as it surely, will, we can go crying to FBI who will have all the wiretaps in place and then we can play dossier dossier with Pkstn. Congratulations.

And of course, India being India - will not retailiate. (Now, part of why we don't, is also an inability). Now that we have wasted 5 years effectively weakening the army, removing our teeth and defanging ourselves into a politically correct lull, the terrorists have an edge over us. That gives us 'this' (imagine the width of a credit card) much time to arm, train and equip ourselves to this threat.

Either way, expect to be shot at or bombed at your next outing - in all probability post elections.

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